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RAPID CITY, S.D. (KEVN) – We are just a few short days away the calendar turning over to November.

The month has become known as Movember where men grow mustaches to raise awareness for issues such as prostate and testicular cancer.

Doctors at Monument Health say men should begin looking into talking to a doctor about prostate health in their mid 50′s and doctors stress the importance of just because you are in that age range that doesn’t mean you’ll get an exam it just means it is time to talk to your doctor.

“I think a lot of men would be surprised to know that we don’t even screen everyone, it is a discussion that we have regarding the risks of screen and benefits of screening because there are some risks of doing a screening,’ Dr. Stephen Neabore, Monument Health, says

Some of those risks may be a false positive from a test, and you can also talk to your doctor about a blood test for your prostate.

Movemeber also brings attention to mental health for men and trying to erase a stigma around being weak and asking for help.

‘I think the unfortunate part is men at times don’t, don’t feel it necessary to reach out because they want to be the tough guy and what I will tell you is the men I have talked to who have got help with their mental and physical health are better off in the long run’ Jason Stamper, professional counselor, says

Stamper added that some warning signs to look out for are, isolation, over eating, substance abuse and a chance in their behavior and don’t be afraid to check in on a loved one.

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